How much does sales coaching cost?

The base rate for one coaching session is $200 per hour. Contact me for rates on multiple sessions.

Do you provide sales training for organizations?

Yes. Base rate for a one-hour group training session is $1000 (small groups, under 10 people). For larger groups, base rate for one hour is $2500 (10 - 50 people). Contact me for more on group training pricing and other services that are available.

How many sessions do I need?

That depends a great deal on what your goals are. Some people just need one session to get on track. For instance, if you clearly understand what the issue is and just need a few techniques to solve it, we may only meet once. Other situations require more. In any situation, my goal is to make you self-reliant and successful.

How often will I meet with you?

I generally suggest once a week for one month. At that point, we can decide together if your needs have been met and how to best go forward.

Can we meet via Skype or telephone?

Yes. My preference is to meet in person when possible, but time or distance may make that impossible. Skype or phone is just fine.

Can we meet before or after business hours or on weekends?

Yes, within reason! I understand that busy professionals may not be able to meet during standard business hours. We can make your sessions work with your schedule.

Other questions?