The Ten Minute Cognitive Workout

Part of peak state is having positive self-talk. The Ten Minute Cognitive workout is a systematic way to develop positive self-talk and add to your peak state. 

It works like this: If you want to be more confident in your presentation, you would come up with a statement to reflect that; for instance, you could say, "I am feeling very confident about my presentation". Write it down, read it to yourself, say it out loud to yourself. You can have up to 12 statements. Every morning, write them down, read them to yourself, say them aloud. You will find that the more you do this, the more they will sink into your subconscious. Soon, these will be the default self-talk statements that come up in your mind-  replacing any negative self-talk you might have previously had about that issue.

It comes down to 4 simple rules:

1. Each statement must begin with "I am"

2. Each statement must be in the present tense.

3. Each statement must be in the progressive form of the verb (that is, the verb must end in "-ing"

4. Each statement must be positive.

To learn more about this topic, please try the book below.