I've talked in previous posts about the importance of rapport in the sales process. The most important element in building rapport is the trust your clients have in you. Today's post is about an easy technique that can help you build that trust.

A "truism" in this context is an undeniable fact. You can use these right from the beginning of your presentation, just by verifying information. "Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I see you are from Wisconsin," for example. You could also verify the date, the time, the length of the presentation. Simple, incontrovertible facts.

But a more powerful tool is to plainly set out the "order of the day", the agenda for your presentation AND THEN FOLLOW IT EXACTLY. So you might say, "We're going to chat here for about 10 minutes so that I can learn more about you. Then, I will tell you a little about our product. Then we will tour the property", etc. Whatever the steps of your presentation are, lay them out in advance for your client. And then do the steps exactly the way you said you would.

This serves several purposes. For one thing, it helps to decrease fear. Many people are uncomfortable in a sales presentation. They don't know what to expect except that they don't expect to enjoy it. Laying out your agenda eliminates uncertainty and decreases fear. Second, if you follow your agenda, it builds trust. In the example above, if you said you would chat for 10 minutes and then you did just that, the client will unconsciously put a little check mark next to that agenda item in their mind. "She said she would do that and then she did it," they will think. Each time this process happens, rapport is increased, trust is built, and sales are made. 

Remember, always tell the truth- it's easier to remember!

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