How to Sell Anything to Anybody

"R - D - P - C"   in descending order, where "R" is the most crucial, ending with "C" , which should follow the others automatically.


From the moment you say "hello" until the final "goodbye", you are generating rapport. Hopefully you are making it, rather than breaking it- but one way or another, rapport is part of the entire process.

"D" = Discovery

Discovery is the road map to the sale. Through your questions, find the client's wants, needs, concerns, problems. Want better information? Ask better questions!

"P" = Presentation

Establish value and lead your client to a belief that your product can solve some or all of the needs and wants identified during discovery.

"C" = Close

"C" is the smallest letter. If the others are executed properly, the close is automatic.

(Mahalo to Geoff from Rank for introducing this concept to me many years ago!)

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