Keeping the Business

The key to success in sales is not how many deals you make, but how many deals you keep. If your rescission is too high, take a look at these three things:

1. Your Presentation: Are you giving 100% and executing every step every time? You must build value to the highest level. Remember, people purchase out of emotion, but keep your product out of logic. 

2. Paperwork: Do you do your own paperwork? You must understand it backward and forward. Have a good verification process and follow it every time. Deliver this with a high level of confidence. A good final question after paperwork is complete: "How will you be celebrating your purchase tonight"?

3. Follow-up: Again, a follow-up process is imperative. How many times do you contact your customer post-sale? When do you make contact? Silence is NOT golden, here. 

Improve each of these three aspects and you will keep more of the business you sell.

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