Top Four Reasons for Not Buying


Believe it or not, sometimes our customers simply don't need our product. Say, "Thank you for your time" and move on. Be thankful yourself that those people are the exception, not the rule.


As sales people, this is 100% our own fault. Blame it on an off day or a poor attitude...whatever the excuse, if we aren't helping people, we aren't doing our job. Be prepared for every presentation. A sale is made when opportunity meets preparedness. Take the Boy Scout creed for your own!


The dreaded words..."We like it, but we have to think about it. We'll get back to you". That time you spent on the presentation will never come back to you. Be sure you follow each step of your presentation, balance logic and emotion, and BUILD VALUE. Never forget the importance of urgency.


Tell the truth, it's easier to remember. We only have one chance to build rapport and gain trust. Never be afraid to say "I don't know", or, simply "No". It is hard to trust someone who knows everything selling a product that does everything.

One easy way to build rapport is to tell the customer what you will be doing in the presentation, then do it. Remember, RAPPORT + REPETITION = TRUST.

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