Your 5 Senses Will Increase Your Sales

During my own early training as a salesperson, I vividly remember my sales manager saying, "Paint a picture. You have to put your customers in the picture." This is great advice. This post is about how do exactly that.

In any sales presentation, you have to appeal to the 5 senses to put your customers in the picture.  Of course, most clients will be able to hear and see you and, often, will have an opportunity to see and hear your product (for example, on the property tour). The other 3 senses present a bigger challenge. The senses of smell, taste, and touch are best communicated by stories. Remember- great sales people are great story-tellers. 

For instance, one way to bring "taste" into the client's experience is to pause near the property barbecue grill and say, "Imagine how wonderful your steaks will taste for your first dinner when you come back next year." Or pause by the pool and say, "Smell that cocoa butter. It's just like breathing in the scent of vacations." Take your time and help your customers enjoy the entire presentation through their 5 senses. You will heighten their emotional connection to your product. Emotional connections lead people to the sale.

If you become a master of descriptive words and linking your product to the 5 senses, you will elevate your sales.

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